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What will happen at the therapy treatment?

At your first treatment, you will be asked a number of questions relating to your health and life-style, to ensure that it is the correct treatment for you. Please bring a list of any prescribed or over the counter medicines you take. In subsequent treatments I will ask you to give any feedback, good or otherwise.

 How can I expect to feel after treatment?

A treatment should leave you feeling deeply mentally and physically relaxed, (with reflexology, your feet may also feel more cushioned as you walk).  some people feel more energetic and lively after a treatment, for some it helps with pain management, and can help improve sleep and mood.

A few people experience temporary negative symptoms, but these do not affect any long term benefit.

It is very important that you drink plenty (at least two to three glasses of water) in the hours after any session and you should avoid any caffeinated drinks and alcohol for at least 6 hours following treatment.

 What does it cost?

all treatments

First session including health and lifestyle check with relaxation treatment             £   55.00

Subsequent sessions  60 minutes                                                                                         £  55.00

subsequent  30 minute Reflexology/Reiki/Head massage                                             £   35.00

subsequent 60 minute  appointment                                                                                  £  55.00

Extended 90 minute  Aromatherapy appointment                                                          £  75.00

book  and pay for6 sessions  receive a 17% discount                                                       £300.00

Book  and pay for 10 sessions get the last one free                                                          £495.00





To book a treatment contact or if you should have any queries following treatment please click to use our contact form here.