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Thank you so very much for showing me I needed it!

Teresa has such a calming personality which put me at ease as soon as i came through the door and sat down. Before the treatment began, she explained to me the benefits of reflexology therapy and what to expect from the treatment.?As a mum of two toddlers and one on the way I simply must say, that after the treatment I not only felt deeply relaxed but totally de-stressed…..
Which made me feel fresher/ more alive. More able to deal with the endless tasks that us mums have to do on a daily basis.
Healthy, happy, relaxed mums = happy children.?And thats what Teresa with her gifted hands and amazing reflexology therapy skills is doing for me.
Thank you so very much for showing me I needed it!
Vivien Clark

Really excellent treatments!

Really excellent treatments – truely ‘magical’- very relaxing?an absolute ‘God send’. Remarkably seemed to help clear my?chest infection!

Jan Pinnock

“Relieved My Problem Within Two Visits”

I was a colleague of Teresa’s at CaVSA in Hammersmith and Fulham when I found out that she was a trained reflexologist. As someone that undertakes a lot of exercise and sport, this is an avenue I was keen to try to cure the constant aches and pains I have been having in my muscles from strenuous activity. I had been having a particular problem with my ankle, where fluid had formed a lump and caused great irritation and pain to the joint and the rest of my foot, and at one point the pain had reached up my body, causing a great deal of discomfort.
Teresa gave me a short treatment using slow, gentle techniques which she explained should help to relieve the pain and swelling. By the end of the first treatment I felt less pain, and by that evening I noticed a reduction in the swelling. She showed the exercises that I needed to undertake to keep the problem from reoccurring and provided me with advice and guidance on how to maintain a healthy balance between exercise and rest. I would highly recommend her in the reflexology field as she relieved my problem within two visits and I have not had the same problem since.

Michael Brosnan